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Our realized
and future projects

This page is dedicated to the hard-work, dreams and the ideas of the student of ACM-JUIT.

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Category : Project Software


Smarter Prognosis for a healthier skin

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Category : Project Software


Elira is an android app that helps you track your menstruation cycle. It also suggests you music, book and movies to watch while you are on your periods. It is a community where every girl can help each other.

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Category : Project Software


An open source CTF-DB , which stores various Techniques of solving a particular genre of CTF. Similar to sec-tools, but its cross platform for linux as well as windows.

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Category : Project Software


Dcryptor is an android application which uses OCR technology to scan texts and recursively decode cipher texts and encryptions automatically. It's main idea is centred around data privacy.

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Category : Project Hardware

Social Distancing & Mask Detection

Created a Tkinter GUI for Social Detection and Mask Detection that will take live camera feed and check whether people are maintaining social distance or not, if they Violet, it will send a message to the server and make a beep sound, similarly created a Mask Detector that will detect whether a person is wearing a mask or not.

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