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JUIT Reanimated

Virtual Gaming In Your Own JUIT

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JUIT Reanimated

Virtual Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt event, where the JUIT campus grounds were recreated virtually, playable on PC and mobile. The premise of the event was to look for various clues, where one clue leads to another until you reach the trophy. The game was developed on Roblox Studio, and for scripting/coding, the language Lua was used. The event was a great success and it encouraged the students who have an interest in game development, to join the community and explore more in the respective field of computing machinery.

  • Date : 20th Nov 2020
  • Venue : Online
  • Duration : 2 Hours

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© ACM-JUIT 2020 / All rights reserved.
© ACM-JUIT 2020 / All rights reserved.
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