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Vector vs Stills

Vector and Stills often confused as similar concepts by a beginner or an unknown person to design are different as Maths and Biology. Vectors especially are complete maths. As the name suggests, Vector -> Direction plus Magnitude. Once you start designing your own, once you get the feel of them, once you start manipulating them, you will understand this fact a lot more than now. You never was left alone in your designing software, maths like everywhere else, was present there too. Very much like everything else, we were using vectors in our daily lives without knowing the maths behind. Although this is not a maths blog but, emphasis on this very fact was necessary. Stills on the other hand or as others as well as Ed Sheeran says, a photograph, is related to math but not as deep as vectors. I’m assured that no matter what, you have listened to the word, “pixels” a hell lot of time before. Yes, the pictures building block. It is nothing but a tiny piece of data of the colour it has to represent. One, Two, Three pixel gets together, of some colour, they seem together to your eyes (they are not together, however) and your eyes show you the colour they perceive by combining the colour of all the pixels coming together. However, a very significant profit of using vector for your work is their never getting distorted property. Vector cant ever gets distorted, it is maths after all. No matter which screen are you using, of how many pixels, a vector is a simple math applicable everywhere. However, a photograph is pixels. If you use a lot of pixels on a lesser pixel screen, they will get distorted, do the opposite thing, and it will give you the same result. That’s why you see more use of vector abstracts in the background then stills. The stretch vectors provide is far beyond the power of a simple photograph. One day, in near future, however, when we will be able to use variable pixels on the screen, then only it will be possible for photographs, ever to deliver as much stretch as a vector. Obviously, then maths will need to come into action for photographs as well.

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