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Smarter Prognosis for a healthier skin


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Category : Project Software

Smarter Prognosis for a healthier skin

It is crucial to diagnose skin disorders in their infancy so that you can receive proper treatment at the earliest to control or completely cure that disease. That's where we come in. "dermiCure", a real time web app that uses a self trained Machine learning model made using SMOTE algorithm and Random Forest Classifier along with a user-friendly API that strictly adheres to make sure that our users get the best prevention and hospital recommendation in their vicinity. Where it really kills two birds with one stone is, that all this could be done while sitting at your home amidst a global pandemic.

  • Category: : Software
  • Product : Website
Teachers Review.

Great idea! This will lead to a boom in cultural prosperity, the motive and presentation is very clear and praise worthy.

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